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Humble Ant
Sharing God's Word Using Biblical Word Pictures!
The Holy Bible
When the Westminster Assembly of the Devines completed their Confession of Faith in 1646, they included a letter “to the Christian Reader , especially Heads of Families.” In that addition, they asserted that one of the greatest sins that “help[s] to open the flood-gates of... errors, blasphemies, and all kinds of profaneness...” is the “disuse of family instruction.” They said that the “serious endeavors of godly parents” can greatly “contribute to an early seasoning [during] the tender years [of their children's lives]” which can help prevent the Devil from getting a foothold. They went on to confess the all-to-common “sluggishness” and/or “ignorance” that prevents most parents from passing on sound knowledge of God to their children. They wrote their Westminster Catechism, in part, to provide a tool for parents to train their children.

In Paul's letter to the Romans, he tells us that “what can be known about God is plain to [us], because God has shown it to [us]... in the things that have been made.” ( Rom 1:18-20 ) The Bible is full of analogies that help us to illustrate God's greatness. One of my favorites (and the namesake of this webpage) is in Proverbs chapter 6:6 , which tells us to consider the ways of the Ant and to recognize the wisdom of “her” self-starting industry and discipline. The negative, un-wise alternative lifestyle of the sluggard as well as its consequences are also described.

In Deuteronomy chapter 6 , Moses tells us to diligently teach our children about God and His commandments. He goes on to tell us that we shall talk about those commandments diligently as we “walk by the way.” He directs us to remember to keep and teach these commandments when we are in “the time that is to come” and that we should continue to praise God when we answer our children's questions.

The purpose of this website is to help enable families as they attempt to grow their understanding of God and His creation as well as in their wisdom of His commandments. It aims to do this through: 1) regularly pointing out parts of His creation that point to Him in some small way, 2) sharing links to like-minded websites, 3) and by sharing tools that families can buy and then bring in their own households.

Please share these illustrations with your families, friends, and acquaintances!

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