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The Word of the Lord Stands Forever

The Word of the Lord Stands Forever

Devotional#9: 17 February 2017
"Though the Flower Fades..."

The Word of the Lord is Eternal!

God has blessed us with a wide variety of flora throughout His creation. It is no wonder that parks, gardens and natural habitats are such popular places for people to visit when they want to relax and find peace.

We know from Scripture that all of the most beautiful things were created by God ( John 1:3 ) and that they praise Him jubilantly ( Psalm 96:11-12 ). --- is it any wonder that Flowers always strive to point their petals at the warmth of the sun? Oh that we worked so hard to point our hearts at the Son!

Alas. We do not follow Him in the constant and steadfast devotion of a flower. We're better at finding excuses to wander than they are!

Instead of basking in His Warmth and Glory like the flowers, we consistently take short-term pleasure in sin, and as the result:

"The Earth dries up and withers... defiled by its people, who have disobeyed."

- Isaiah 24:4-6

As the result of our fall, creation - which is created to Praise and Glorify its Creator, withers and fades. But it isn't all doom and gloom!

The Good News?

God's Word Stands Forever! ( Isaiah 49:8 , Psalm 119:89 ).

And what does His Eternal Word say?

It tells us that in Him we have an advocate who pleas our case with His Father. He takes our well-deserved punishment and the punishment of the rest of His Creation on His own undeserving shoulders ( 1 John 2:1-2 ).

By Him, those of us who believe in Him will one day see a new Earth where He has made all things new and where all things will no longer wither ( Rev 21:1-5 ).  
Glory to Him​​​​​​

On the new Earth, His New Creation will worship Him unyieldingly , like unwilting flowers (
Rev 4:10 ).

Next time you see a beautiful flower - or even one that is wilting and withered - why don't you use it as an opportunity to share His goodness with those around you!

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