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Share Your Art While Sharing God's Word!
We would like to offer our readers and their families the opportunity to partner with us by providing their own original art and/or devotional recommendations as we consider future content.

We are hoping that by sharing our contributors' ideas and artwork with our audience, we will add a degree of authenticity and richness to our products!

We think this is consistent with Biblical examples of Christian community praising God together as a beacon to the world.
We are looking for realistic illustrations of God's creation that point to some aspect of His nature. There is no restriction on media type (oil, canvas, pastel, etc). Just email us a 300dpi+ image of your artwork (preferably without text) and fill out  this  form! 

A smart phone picture emailed here at the highest resolution you can manage will normally work!

Contributors will be given credit for their work and will be able to nominate Christian charities for any potential future proceeds to benefit.

Click Here for recommended Art Supplies !

If you're interested - Click  here !

If you're not interested, please forward this message to someone who might be - and encourage them to  sign-up  for our newsletter or submit some art to us -  sign-up !

Click here for instructions on how to share your artwork with us!

Thanks so much!  
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